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Lower Elementary Art – Take a look at what has hatched!

gms students painting in art class

Lower Elementary Art – Take a look at what has hatched!

Look what has hatched in the art room! 

Lower elementary art students have been learning about life cycles in their classrooms and this prompted our current art project.  Large eggs were created out of paper mache.   Students learned an inexpensive and natural way to make paper mache.  They may want to create this recipe at home.   It is a simple recipe of equal parts of flour and water.  I usually start with 1 cup flour and 1 cup water.  Mix to get a paste like consistency and add water if too thick and flour if too watery.  The students enjoyed mixing the recipe and getting it just right.  So fun and so messy!  Take a look at the process.

IMG_0782                        IMG_0684

The following week they created either a snake or a caterpillar hatching out of their egg.  This has been a great lesson for students to practice patience while working on a 3 dimensional  art project that took many weeks.  They are excited about completing their final art piece.  Be on the look out for these marvelous creatures!

IMG_0784                        IMG_0785           IMG_0783


Students have also worked on scenery for their upcoming program about life cycles.  Here is a sneak peek of one of their pieces.