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GMSCA Teacher Spotlight (April 2016): Katherine Gwynn, Art Director

Art Camp

GMSCA Teacher Spotlight (April 2016): Katherine Gwynn, Art Director

Katherine Gwynn grew up in Reidsville, NC. As the daughter of a talented artist, I think it is safe to say Katherine had the artist gene from the beginning. She has been inspired by nature for as long as she can remember and has always had an eye for beauty.

Katherine attended UNC Chapel Hill, where she studied art and UNCG where she studied social work. She worked as a counselor at Hospice and, after transitioning back to work from being a stay at home mom, started started an after school art program called CREATE where she traveled from school to school exposing students to an array of creative art experiences.

Katherine’s right brain artistic talents are balanced well by her husband’s left-brain CPA talents. Don Gwynn is the CFO at Well Spring. The couple has four children – two boys and two girls, ages: 13, 16, 19, 21).

Three years ago, Katherine worked part time for GMS, but left after a year to accept a full time position teaching art for Guilford County Schools. Her teaching style is very similar to the Montessori methods, so both she and the school were overjoyed when she came back to call GMS home.

GMSCA: How is the art program at GMS different from other places you have taught?

Katherine: I appreciate the freedom to pursue interests that are led by our students and not to be locked into a lesson or subject that holds no interest. GMS students are engaged and eager to learn, and that makes teaching a joy!

GMSCA: What piece of art or artist has had the most profound influence on your life?

Katherine: My favorite artist is an American painter named Mary Cassatt. I love the light color palette and loose brush work of her Impressionistic style. I am especially fond of her paintings of mothers with their children.

GMSCA: Can you tell us about the work you are doing with decorations to prepare for the Green & White Bash? Anything, in particular, that you think attendees should get excited about?

Katherine: I am so excited about the event! We are using a photography theme and the event is called “Through a Child’s Eyes.” Our students have been taking extraordinary photographs with very artistic perspectives. The primary students have captured some very unique shots. These photographs are beautiful and will be the basis of our decorations. They will be for sale the night of the event. I already have my eye on a couple pictures I want to buy. Staff members are also auctioning some unique experiences that will be auctioned that night. I am personally offering two art experiences – after school art lessons for a month and a home visit where I will help your child create something (their choice) out of cardboard. This has been a favorite in the art room!