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GMS Basketball – Everyone is Excited to Play!

Id rather be playing basketball

GMS Basketball – Everyone is Excited to Play!

I’m not sure what the draw is for basketball but on every level at GMS this sport  is the number one activity that our students can’t wait to play!  Their excitement brings me a lot of satisfaction as their PE teacher – whether its watching the Lower Elementary students finally catch on to dribbling for more than one bounce or seeing a child light up after they have repeatedly thrown a basketball up in the air towards the backboard and hoop then finally it falls through the net. The very first time a child makes a basket is usually a big moment for them, and it makes me smile every time!  We also have Lower El students that play on basketball teams outside the school who show a lot of skill and promise from a very young age. I enjoy watching all of the students develop their skills over the course of the year.

Often the kids get on a kick to see who can dribble for the longest or how many times they can dribble in a row. Recently, I watched one middle school girl dribble for 15 to 20 minutes in a row and the celebration in her voice when she told me, “That’s my new record,” was noteworthy.

Just as the Middle School basketball season comes and goes with a lot of excitement so does the thrill of playing basketball during PE class.

In the words of basketball legend, Michael Jordan, “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

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