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A Community Based Approach to Education

At Greensboro Montessori we hold that the highest form of education must be based on the principle of community. It is built upon respect for oneself, for peers and for the community at large. Values are lived, grace and courtesy are routine, and a common spirit of love and sharing, hospitality, cooperation, help, and assistance binds the community in noble work.  This is an educational community for children in which each child has the time, means, and scope of activity to fully develop and realize his/her potential.


In this community approach to education the child comes to understand that each one of us is dependent on others and each must make a contribution for the betterment of all.  Participation in a Montessori learning community enables the child to eventually adapt to society, knowing that each individual’s adaption takes the highest form by the special contribution he can make to his fellow man.  In this way the child learns the concept of citizenship.  Through living and working daily in a collaborative approach to learning the chip finds community membership can be both personally satisfying and socially rewarding.  The ultimate educational outcome guides the chip to their vocation, the place where the world’s needs and their talents intersect.

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