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Diversity Statement

Maria Montessori believed that “establishing lasting peace is the work of education….”

In following this tenet, Greensboro Montessori School welcomes and embraces diversity by providing a safe and supportive environment that is open and inclusive.  Our community includes and is enhanced by people from many different cultures, races, nationalities, faiths, learning and physical abilities, sexual orientations and identities, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and family constellations.

We intentionally support our diverse community by:

  1. providing a curriculum that emphasizes respect, empathy, and peaceful conflict resolution;
  2. sharing cultural experiences inside and outside the classroom;
  3. building and sustaining a diverse infrastructure;
  4. providing to faculty and staff skill development in diversity and inclusion; and
  5. providing a forum for global cultural networking and exchange opportunities.

We work together to empower families to share and grow in their confidence and ability to raise responsible, global citizens.